About Us

The Hair Council's aim is to raise standards and improve professionalism within the hairdressing industry by encouraging every hairdresser to join the UK Register of Qualified Hairdressers.

Our Goals

Set up by an Act of Parliament in 1964, the Hair Council enables hairdressers to apply to become State Registered. But while state registration is mandatory for doctors, nurses, dentists and several other professions, hairdressers can register voluntarily. The Hair Council has two main aims: firstly to increase the number of hairdressers who join the UK Register of Qualified Hairdressers on a voluntary basis.

Our other key objective is to bring about a parliamentary debate followed by a statutory change so that all practicing hairdressers will need to be registered in order to work in the UK.

In order to achieve our goals and to provide advice and support to registered hairdressers, the 17 members of the Hair Council, which includes MPs, doctors, representatives from the major product manufacturers, salon owners and business owners, meet quarterly to discuss ways to progress. There are also Steering Group Committees in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which meet a couple of times a year and help to push forward the campaign for registration; and a Barber Council which represents the barbering industry and campaigns for registration of all barbers.

How Do We Benefit Hairdressers?

If you are a qualified hairdresser who is striving to generate a positive reputation in your area, being able to promote yourself as a SRH (State Registered Hairdresser) will immediately tell clients and potential clients that you are a qualified, professional hairdresser.

As a state registered hairdresser you will also receive advice and access to marketing materials to promote your status, a free copy of The Hairdresser magazine, discounts on insurance and an opportunity to become a Master Craftsman.

You will also be added to our handy 'find a hairdresser' tool that helps consumers and clients looking for a skilled, local hairdresser to find registered professionals in their area.

If you are qualified and have been working as hairdresser for at least two years, you can become state registered for as little as £35. Find out more about how you can be recognised as a fully- qualified professional hairdresser today - here.

Hair Council Members

The Hair Council is committed to generating the professional reputation that the hair industry deserves.

Made up of a committee of some of the most respected names in the industry, as well as representatives of some of the most influential companies in the hairdressing industry, it meets quarterly to look for ways to increase the profile and promote the importance of self- regulation in the hairdressing industry.

The current Hair Council includes:

Chair: Bill Shaw MBE
Bill has been on the Council for a number of years and was founder of Dimensions, the largest independent hairdressing company in Yorkshire

Registrar: Keith Conniford
Keith has worked in the Hair and Beauty industry all of his life. He has an exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the industry, from salons/spas, retailing, franchising to training and education and ecommerce/online sales

Sheila Jackson - Wella
Richard Clarke - Salon Owner and representing Habia and the Guild
Shirley Davis-Fox MBE - Political Lobbyist and Chair of ISA Training (largest in Wales)
Ben Dellicompagni - Managing Director of the Francesco Group
David Drew - Business Consultant and Chair of the English Steering Group for registration. Also President of HABB and past Chair of the Fellowship.
Mandy Lodge-Stewart - NHF
Jayne Lewis-Orr - Executive Director of HJi
Gary Machin - Barber Shop Owner and Chair of the Barber Council
Irene Meikle - Goldwell
Diane Mitchell - City & Guilds
Mike Patey - HBSA
Dawson Penn - Good Salon Guide
Alan Woods - CEO of VTCT