About Us

The Hairdressing Council was set up in 1964 by an Act of Parliament. This meant that hairdressers can apply to become State Registered in the same way as doctors, dentists or nurses can. The only difference is that it is completely voluntary to belong to the UK Register of qualified hairdressers.

The Hairdressing Council believes in the professionalism and passion of hairdressing and its campaign is to raise standards, making the industry self regulated. Ideally every hairdresser should be state registered which would eliminate those cowboys who practise hairdressing with no qualifications or experience whatsoever.

The membership of the Hairdressing Council includes MPs, doctors, representatives from the major manufacturers, salon owners and business owners. These 17 people meet and discuss ways in which they can help State Registered Hairdressers be kept up to date with everything going on in your industry. Why don't you belong to the register by applying today here.

Once registered, you can log in to the SRH area of the site and find exclusive goods to promote your status as an SRH, details about how to become a Master Craftsman and read the latest SRH magazine. Details of how to get discounted insurance are also available.

The Hairdressing Council advises consumers who are looking for hairdressers by the dozen. By simply putting in their post codes, their nearest State Registered Hairdresser can be found - try it here. Your details would be included should you decide to join the thousands of hairdressers already registered. Consumers are always advised to use a State Registered Hairdresser when visiting a salon.

In the current financial climate everyone needs to be 'one up' on the competition and by becoming an SRH (you can use these initials after your name and the Hairdressing Council logo on your business card and stationery) you will be joining many thousands of hairdressers who support the need for professionalism including such big names as Richard Ward, Trevor Sorbie, Andrew Barton, Anthony Mascolo, Steven Goldsworthy, Lisa Shepherd, Mark Hill, Errol Douglas, Patrick Cameron and many many more. - Join them today !